2019 /// Performance Reel

2019 /// Improv Mix

Choreography by me. Original Music/Sound Design: Enrico de Trizio. Dancers: Me and Maleek Washington .Guest Appearance: Tré Smith //// Leg Up On Life: Night of Life event- August 26, 2019

Short Film. ‘piena di tempu’ - conceived and edited by me, filmed by Mark Cruz

Choreography by me. Vocals: Tess Primack. Dancers: Tilly Evans-Krueger, Mike Baerga //// Leg Up On Life ART|Pact event- April 1, 2019

Short Film. ‘Ladyfingers’ - Choreography by Taylor Drury. Film by Lauren Berthelot

Short Film. ‘Say Something’ - with Noah Gouldsmith. Video/editing by Mark Cruz

Official Trailer: Mozart in the Jungle, Season 4

Int/Adv Contemporary Teaching Reel

Untitled Choreography by me. Dancers: Taylor Drury and Kacie Boblitt

Choreography by Mike Baerga. Shoshana Bean- Remember the Day

1 solo, 3 spots. Choreography by Benoit-Swan Pouffer (2017)

Improv - December 2017

Improv- June 2017

Early Company Work- 2013